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Published: 05th October 2011
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In 2004 e-commerce experienced one of the most Overwhelming changes to date with the invention of
the Daily Deal E-commerce model. The model was intelligible—displaying one irresistible deal per day—
to tempt appeal purchases from customers. After its beginning by Woot, the model has since exploded,
most exceedingly in the past year, and accompalishedexceptional advancement in 2010 and 2011. A
evolving, profitable trend that is occurring in the marketplace is the growth and investment in daily deal
aggregate websites. Daily deal sites have been converting the online shopping experience and have the
potential to change the way businesses market and sell their products. The inclination, started with
Woot, has many daily deal sites that nowsway as some of the most famous websites on the internet.
Daily deal sites like these are breaking into endless niche industries, and there is still many room for
growth into any niche and geographic market possible.

Daily Deal Builder Introduces:

DODAggregator software, a hosted daily deal aggregate platform. The software, which will be launched
from DODAggregator, is a daily deal aggregate platform designed to let individuals create their own
daily deal hub that showcases deals from across the expanding number of daily deal and group buying
websites. This new software allows easy entry into the already famous model of group buying and daily
deal services without any prior technical knowledge.

Your Site operates On Autopilot

The whole script works on autopilot, obtaining the deals from the group buying sites accordingly, adding
them to the site, shaping the individual pages - infact there really isn't all that much for you to do! It's
the extreme online revenue generator. Even the daily emails sent to customers is done accordingly!
The software basically uses a server crontab to examine the RSS feeds of the different sites you want to
get deals from and when it finds a new deal listed it will add it to the site. You don't need to customize
anything or do any editing. The price, the savings, the image, the buy button - basically everything is
done for you.

Add endless Group Buying Sites

The script comes with thecompetency to add any other group buying website, all it needs is an RSS feed
whichincludesthe daily deals and our XML parser can pull all the data on to the site. If you are having
difficultywithpullingdeals from a exactwebsite then we canhelpyou.. If you want to add a group buying
website that doesn't have an RSS feed we may still be able to add the site by building a custom web
page parser which reads the data directly from the deal page. You will be able to offer an improbable
number of daily deals to your members and they need to just check your site to immediately find out all
the fantastic offers in their local area - quite a tempting offer for the online bargain hunters out there!

Deals Split In To Cities

You are in overall control over the cities and countries that are added to your site. You can target on
a particular area of the country or even a specefic city, it's entirely up to you. You will be offering your
members the ultimate choice to browse through the deals in their local area - why would they spend
time going through several sites like Groupon, LivingSocial and DealMap when they can just come to
your site and get all the deals in their city in one place?

Split Deals In To Categories

There are now dozens of various categories served by group buying deals. From Nightlife and Food
to Health and Beauty, your Yipit clone can consequently categorise all the deals so people can select
precisely what deals they want to receive by email every day. They can select boundless number of
categories so they are always getting the information that they want. Running your own aggregator
website for group deals is infinitely more easy than if you run a proper groupon clone. You don't need
to investigate around and advertise for deals, simply hook up to an RSS feed and your site will start
consequently updating with new deals everyday - it couldn't be simpler. If you are short on time or don't
have the business contacts to be able to offer daily deals to your members then using our Yipit clone
script is the perfect way to cash in on the exploding group buying industry.

Your Own Cash Cow

Group buying is the huge thing online right now, some analysts assume Groupon is earning $40,000 or
more per deal - and that's in an industry that is supposedly getting jam-packed! You can earn money
from affiliate links, adsense opportunities, and building a hugely active email database. Think about
it, the website runs on autopilot, you don't need to do any work, it's the true set and forget revenue
machine. As long as Groupon and other sites keep adding new deals, your site will keep updating
and sending out emails to members. Earn Affiliate Cash If any of the group buying sites run their own
affiliate program our Yipit clone script has been build so that you can easily enter your affiliate ID and
start earning huge commissions on all the customers you send.

Group Buying Aggregate Website: Done Your Way

The entire Yipit clone script can be tailored to work precisely the way you want it. You can add just
the group deal sites you want and serve only the cities, countries and categories that suits your
requirements. In short, the DailyDealBuilder Yipit clone is the immaculate solution irrespective of how
you want to set up your group deal aggregator website.

The Daily Deal Builder Advantage

DailyDealBuilder has been accompalishing and establishing platforms for over 4 years. We have
composed some of the largest group buying websites for the international markets and were one
of the first web development companies to offer a daily deal clone in early 2009. Our software is
famous for being firm, delivering high achievement and being supported up by a team of helpful and
knowledgeable technicians who will get your site up and running and ensuring any bugs are pressed out
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